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Sara's class is incredible. I walked in feeling like a blob, I walked out feeling like a boss. Her voice is so soothing, the flows are set at the perfect pace to build a subtle heat, and overall it's just a warm and inviting atmosphere to try new things. So lovely!


Sara is excellent, has a thoughtful flow, clear cues, and great music. 


I really enjoyed this session, The yoga teacher explained everything very clearly and created a really relaxing session. I have been to a few yoga classes before but this style of yoga was so much more interesting. I loved it! Just wanted to say a big thank you


Sara is truly a great teacher. She is able to make yoga joyful and fun, while clearly explaining how to get into each position. As a student who couldn’t reach her toes in the beginning, you will see progress with each class. I have reached a level of flexibility I didn’t know was possible! She has a holistic approach to the classes bringing in breathing techniques, meanings of the Sanskrit words and thoughtful meditations. Her classes bring a positive impact to your life.


 Sara is a wonderfully intuitive yoga teacher– she is always willing to adjust her flow plans to the needs of her yogis and I think actually loves the excuse to spontaneously change things up to help out her students. Her classes are always thorough in the way that they move through every aspect of a traditional flow, but also in her explanations of the way your body should be adjusting into each pose. She's also awesome at hands on assists– she knows the best way to give some extra support and make your flow that much more successful and relaxing. Although her flows are challenging and energetic, she never fails to also make them rejuvenating and centering with her dharma talks and cheery, thoughtful comments throughout the flow. She is a wonder and a lovely person to take class with– you will leave with a new fluid energy to go about your day with– it's a feeling that only multiples from class to class! 

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