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remote yoga 🕊️ community classes

discontinued for now... 

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what you get


live community classes

Nothing brings me more joy than sharing my daily home practice with others. We practice together (almost) every day as a community of friends and family. 5 days of vinyasa, 1 day of rest (Saturday), 1 day of "Slow Flow" (Sunday). We keep it light, playful and loose. Read more about my class style here.

When you join, you'll be emailed a link to join the Remote Yoga 🕊️ Whatsapp group. Everyday I share a Zoom ID for the live 1h class and a unique playlist. This virtual gathering place is also space to share the love with other group members. 


Each month you will receive the new Zoom password via email. Don't worry about keeping track of two things in different places - you'll also be able to find the Zoom ID and password of the month on the subtab above Live community classes


library of past classes

Sometimes our schedules don't line up and we miss you in the live class. When you log in as a member of the Remote Yoga 🕊️subscription, you'll gain access to the Virtual class library of past classes, so you can practice with us in your own time.


The library will contain a number of past 1h vinyasa & slow flow classes, and a few bite-sized classes, when you don't have a full hour. I will upload fresh classes weekly to keep things fresh! 

No two classes are the same, and each rental class will include a link to the playlist associated with the class. Pause, rewind, practice twice in one day - with this new feature, I am excited to offer flexibility and convenience in your practice with me. 

You can check out a sample of my teaching style here.





Thursday                10AM PT/ 1PM EDT /6PM BST/ 7PM CEST                 Vinyasa Flow 🕊️

how remote yoga 🕊️ began

Remote Yoga 🕊️  began as a Whatsapp group of family and friends. It was created at the beginning of quarantine when the yoga studio in NYC where I used to teach 3 days/week closed its doors. The consistency of a daily home practice and the opportunity to move "together" separately was my offering during a difficult time for all of us. It is/was a way for me to connect and share my practice with family and friends. With this intention I decided to evolve this offering and share my practice beyond our little Whatsapp group. The group remains, but now I am offering members the opportunity to practice with me at any time via my virtual class library. 

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